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Distinguish your Business  with Maps and Data Discovery

Business Intelligence

Marketing, Site Selection, Customer Analysis


Landmark GIS can help you determine which products
and promotions match the lifestyles and buying patterns of your customers. We can streamline your marketing efforts by comparing existing markets to up to date demographics to discover untouched marketing population ar

Landmark GIS saves businesses money by using computer mapping tools to view and analyze geographic data.  What is geographic data? It is data connected to a physical location somewhere on the earth’s surface.


Companies maintain databases full of geographic data they may not even be aware of such as:

• Customers’ street addresses and postal codes

• Sales data including store locations and product registration information

• Equipment location such as telephone poles and electrical transformers

• Delivery routes and the addresses of stops along those routes

These pieces of geographic data are integral parts of your company’s data assets. Landmark GIS can help you actually see your company’s growth history as it relates to the geography of the area.

Site Selection

Landmark GIS offers a better way to find the right site for your next store, distribution center, or service department. We can blend customer surveys with census data to see market penetration, market share, and trade areas.

Customer Analysis

Understanding your customers is critical to the success of your company.  Landmark GIS can help you assign territories, plan and measure marketing campaigns and most importantly, find more customers like your existing ones. 

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