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Facilities Management

Automated Mapping, Utilities, Maintenance

Facilities management has multiple definitions for people in an organization. Some might be interested in the cost to perform a major building renovation, others might be interested in its location and proximity to other things, and others might be interested in the square footage of the rooms within the building for cleaning purposes or furnishing. Historically, facility managers have gone to multiple applications to get the answers to such questions. These answers however, are easy to come by through seamlessly integrating GIS with an asset management system.  GIS can serve as the common thread among the many asset and space management related databases such as property record cards, telephone directories, and equipment inventories typically found within an organization.

 Equipment Management and Inventory 

     Facility management (locations, buildings, floors)
     Inventory of equipment
     Project management and follow-up
     Land / Vegetation Management

 Space Management

     Space occupation reports
     Area calculations, availability, planning
     Condition assessment

 Networks Management

     Computer, telecommunications, electricity
     Utility networks
     Logistics and Routing

 Occupant Management

     Location and relocation of occupants
     Awarding and distribution of equipment
     Workstation networks and connections

 Security and maintenance

     Management and follow-up of interventions and maintenance
     Security control

     Access to facilities control

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