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Local Government

Planning, Safety, Code Enforcement, Public Works

Landmark GIS can help guide you in setting up their GIS by doing a needs assessment and by advising hardware and software purchases.  By getting the GIS up and running quickly, you can begin to see a savings in budget dollars for several departments.  This money can be redirected to other critical services like public safety, education, and economic development.

Local government professionals have always been involved in developing communities we would all want to call home.  Originally, this meant designing and maintaining cities and counties through land use regulation and infrastructure support. Agencies have had to balance the needs of residential neighborhoods, agricultural areas, and business concerns. Now, in addition to that complex challenge, local governments must factor into these
decisions the requirements of a growing list of regional, state, and federal agencies as well as special interest groups.

Landmark GIS can help planning, building and safety, public works, and engineering professionals meet or exceed these demands.  Using GIS software, local government staff have discovered how traditional tasks can be
performed more efficiently and tasks — previously impractical or impossible — can be easily accomplished.

Here are a few of the benefits of using GIS in local government:

• Increase efficiency                            • Save time                              • Generate revenue

• Provide decision support                    • Improve accuracy                   • Manage resources

• Automate tasks                                 • Save money


Rapidly changing economic conditions have further complicated the process by threatening the funding needed to carry out these functions. Local governments have been right-sized and downsized and have had budgets drastically cut while trying to maintain service levels. Information technology, especially geographic information systems (GIS), has proven crucial in helping local governments cope in this environment.

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