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As part of a Department of Defense directive within the Base Realignment and Closure act (BRAC), it was necessary for BAE Systems (Holston Army Ammunition Plant) to develop an in-house GIS to manage and maintain its facilities, and act as a data source for its property development efforts.  Landmark GIS was contracted to provide the technical expertise to build a GIS from the ground up for this 6,000 acre explosives manufacturing plant.  To date this project has progressed smoothly and Landmark GIS’s services have consisted of the following; 1) organizing and guiding the GIS steering group, 2) subcontracting the development of base GIS layers via capture from ortho-photography, and 3) providing technical assistance as GIS software is installed and used.

The Appalachian RC&D office in Johnson City, Tennessee
is in the process of developing a website that showcases all the hiking, biking and equestrian trails in northeast Tennessee
and Southwest Virginia.  Landmark GIS acts as the data collector,
compiler and warehouse for the trails data for this project.  To date over 20 trails have been digitized and annotated.

For the past two years, Landmark GIS has helped our foundation by analyzing the demographics of our scholarship applicants.  This information has helped us to better distribute the applications to the most needy and deserving students across the state.  In a matter of days, they provided the kind of information that would take months for us to discern from the raw data.  Gerry Calvert – Executive Director, Pauline C. Young
Scholarship Foundation

Bank of Tennessee has proven to be an aggressive, locally-owned business in northeast Tennessee.  Accordingly, Bank of Tennessee officers have taken an integrative and high-tech approach to finding and analyzing possible sites for expansion.  Landmark GIS has assisted Bank of Tennessee in several of its expansion projects by providing relevant data analysis and mapping services.  Local and comparison demographics, traffic counts, and parcel ownership data are just a few of the data sets Landmark GIS has provided for these projects, and that have resulted in several new branch banks in northeast Tennessee.

The Covenant Health Credit Union (CHCU), headquartered in Knoxville, Tennessee, needed to construct new branch offices in north Knox County and in surrounding counties to better serve its customer base, but was unsure of exactly where to locate the new offices.  Landmark GIS geocoded CHCU’s customer database (6,500 records) and using census block group boundaries, determined the distribution of the customers across these counties.  From there, the areas with the highest levels of customer distribution were chosen as potential locations.  Specific sites from these areas were found
that best suited CHCU’s location needs.

Project Examples

We have been associated with Landmark GIS for going on two years now.  We have found Landmark GIS to be an extremely dependable firm that works diligently to provide exceptional services. 

Cathy Dean – Director of Finance, Holston Business Development Center

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