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Distinguish your Business  with Maps and Data Discovery

Landmark GIS will map your business data and analyze it by comparing it to selected demographics and competitor features.  You will gain a better understanding of the geographic history, trends, and patterns of your company’s growth, resulting in more efficient business planning, precise demand forecasting, and location specific marketing.

Landmark GIS will provide the tools needed to create, manage, analyze, and visualize the geographic information that describes your work place.  We can build you a  computerized map that displays each feature of your site (pipes, valves, hydrants, etc.) in its own layer and contains any data that is needed to describe that feature.  The result is quicker and easier data searches with the results shown on an accurate computer map that reflects actual on-the-ground locations of your site’s features.  An all-inclusive database that contains any descriptive information about your site’s features that you wish to know.

Landmark GIS can help you set up and grow a GIS for your local government that will deliver good quality information about the people, places and things in your community.  Your tabular data is linked to geographic data creating high quality, current information to help you manage resources, save tax dollars, and plan for future growth.  The result is an increased performance of services like public safety, education, and economic development and a modernized work flow with automated daily tasks that save time and money.

Landmark GIS has been a bit like finding a hidden treasure.  In our

business, we have to let the pictures tell the story, and the maps and information that Landmark GIS has put together for us have made
a positive difference in how we do business.  They have been quick to respond to our requests to get important projects out in time.

I recommend them highly!  Thank You, Landmark GIS for doing such

a great job for BAE Systems, Inc.  Tony Hewitt – Commercial

Development Director, BAE Systems, Holston Army Ammunition Plant

Landmark GIS has provided exceptional support with several projects for The Business Journal, including our annual Book of Lists, Book of Leads.  The mapping service has been an extremely beneficial tool in providing accurate information to our readers.  With a simple name and address, Landmark GIS can generate a map that targets the exact locations, enabling us to not only provide lists, but also to show these listings on a map.  Landmark GIS is truly a valuable resource. Sonja Schreckenberg – Art Director, The Business Journal of Tri-Cities Tennessee/Virginia

Landmark GIS can study the environment, report on environmental phenomena, and model how
the environment is responding to natural and man-made factors. 

Landmark GIS

is a U.S. Federal Contractor